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Silken tofu cold recipe

Silken tofu cold recipe

If use the silken tofu to fried as Agedashi. It takes fairly long time to filter water out from the meat and need careful, because it break easy, but it's delicious. The Silken is a Japanese-style tofu aroma and soft. Its softness can melt on your tongue and leave it for the flavor to be imprinted. It looks like a soft white tofu.

Ingredient of silken tofu cold recipe

- silken tofu 1 pack (because it is fine)
- Sheet of Spring Roll 2 sheet -Salt and pepper a little.
- Onion chopped 3 tablespoons
- Fresh ginger 1 tablespoon
- Myoga flower 1 flower
- Lettuce 2-3 leaves.
- Small tomatoes 3 fruit
- Sheets of dried seaweed cut to strips as needed.
- Shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) as you like.
- Vegetable oil

How do of silken tofu cold recipe

1. Prepare ingredients

- The Silken tofu Wash it in cold water then cut into square 4 pieces equally

- Sheet of Spring Roll Cut into 6 equal pieces / 1 sheet

- Fresh ginger Peel then grinding it or scraping with a knife to powder

- Myoga flower Cut half and cut into thin lines and soak a few minutes, then bring it out the water to drain

- Iceberg lettuce Cut into strips and soak in cold water to crisp and bring it out the water to drain

- Small tomatoes. Wash and cut in half

2. Pour oil into the pan to flood the bottom of the pan, about 1.5 cm, setting fire to heat about 170 ℃, fry sheet of Spring Roll until golden brown, scoop up and set aside to drain oil and sprinkle salt and pepper

3. Bring lettuce place on a plate, then Silken tofu paste over the vegetables, put around the dish with sliced onion, Myoga flower, half tomatoes, that we prepared, then use the Sheet of Spring Roll come placed into the tofu

This designed to make it look strange, sprinkle with dried seaweed, pour shoyu sauce over in time served
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